Govt stop discrimination, allow dining in restaurants: Athar Chawla demanded


Karachi : Athar Sultan Chawla, Vice President, Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) and Convener All Pakistan Restaurant Association (APRA), reiterated his call on the government to allow dining in restaurants, saying that the government should stop discrimination and allow the restaurant industry to function as usual to prevent it from catastrophe, Otherwise the investment of billions will sink.

In a statement, Athar Chawla said that with the number of corona virus cases declining, the government has allowed the majority of sectors of the economy, including markets, industry, educational institutions and transport, to resume their normal activities, but on the contrary, no attention is being paid to the complete revival of the restaurant industry, which raises serious concerns among traders and investors associated with the industry, so the government should take attractive measures for encourage the investment.

“Millions of workers’ jobs are at stake because if the restaurant business will run then their jobs will be safe and it will help the government provide decent jobs, if the restaurant industry will collapse, workers will also lose their jobs”, he opined.

VP FPCCI & Convener APRA further said that the restaurant industry is ready to play important role for promoting business & investment activities and creating employment. However, to make this possible, the government will have to allow dining in restaurants, as the restaurant industry cannot function without dining.

Mr. Chawla demanded government to allow dining in the restaurants and provide equal business opportunities without any discrimination so that new investment can be promoted and more employment opportunities can be created.