Sinopharm’s Coronavirus vaccine safe and dependable: SAPM on Health


ISLAMABAD, Feb. 4 : The efficacy of Sinopharm’s Covid-19 vaccine is between 79-86 per cent. We are planning to buy it in sufficient quantity as 110 million out of 220 million of total Pakistan’s population need Coronavirus vaccine,” said Special Assistant to Prime Minister Dr. Faisal Sultan.

According to the statistical analysis of Sinopharm China Biotech, the results of the interim analysis of the new coronavirus inactivated vaccine phase III clinical trial showed that the safety of the new coronavirus inactivated vaccine of Sinopharm China Bio Beijing Company is good after inoculation.

A report published by Gwadar Pro on Thursday says, all patients produced high-titer antibodies, the neutralizing antibody positive conversion rate was 99.52%, and the vaccine’s protective efficacy against the disease caused by the new coronavirus infection (Covid-19) was 79.34%.

Speaking to Gwadar Pro, Asad Umar, federal Minister for planning appreciated government of China for donating 500,000 doses of vaccines.

“We are grateful to China for gifting 500,000 vaccine doses to Pakistan which enabled the government to inoculate the national immunization drive,” Asad Umar added.

According to Sinopharm’s press release, its vaccine was 79.34% effective at preventing new cases of Covid-19.

The data results reached the relevant technical standards of the World Health Organization and the country.

The “Guiding Principles for Clinical Evaluation of New Coronavirus Preventive Vaccines (Trial)” issued by the Food and Drug Administration is required by relevant standards.

“At present, Sinopharm China Biotech Beijing has formally submitted a conditional listing application to the State Food and Drug Administration,” a press note issued from Sinopharm had stated earlier.

Pakistani authorities endorsed the results and requested Chinese authorities for provision of its vaccine.

Dr. Faisal Sultan launched countrywide vaccine and spoke highly of Sinopharm’s Coronavirus vaccine. “It’s highly effective and ultra-safe.  Pakistan also conducted its trial that was found satisfactory,” he told journalists on Wednesday.

Endorsing Faisal Sultan, the executive Director of Pakistan’s National Institute of Health Major General Aamer Ikram also spoke highly of Sinopharm’s vaccine saying it worked well during trials. “It’s heavy work. We will overcome the Pandemic of Covid-19 with this [Sinopharm’s Coronavirus vaccine] Insha’Allah (God willing),”Major General Aamer Ikram told this correspondent.

The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (Drap) had approved Sinopharm’s vaccine for emergency use in mid-January this year. Vaccine was only approved after its trials satisfied Pakistani authorities to great extant.

“In a meeting conducted by [the] Registration Board of Drap, another vaccine manufactured by China National Pharmaceutical Group (Sinopharm) has also been given EUA (emergency use authorization),” a spokesperson for the regulatory body said earlier in a statement.

The Sinopharm’s Covid-19 vaccine was evaluated for its safety and quality and granted EUA “with certain conditions”, the statement added.

It is worth noting that Sinopharm—China’s state-owned drug company, also known as the China National Pharmaceutical Group had announced on December 30, 2020 promising phase 3 clinical results for its coronavirus vaccine candidate.