FPCCI rejects OGRA’s proposal


LAHORE, JAN 30 (DNA) – Government is already struggling with price control drive across Pakistan and the latest summary sent to petroleum division for revision of petrol prices would further aggravate the problems of a common man and the business community alike, Vice President, Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), Raja Anwer said.

We are not in a condition to face further blows, these regular and sharp increases in the petroleum prices shall strike poverty stricken masses and the businessmen who are burning midnight oil to bring the prices of consumer and other goods down. This summary if approved shall further add to the ever increasing inflation, which in no way is acceptable – neither to public nor to industries.

Even a rupee fluctuation creates an imbalance in the prices of daily use consumer items, transportation of good is equally affected, farm to market expense gets higher and ultimately, it causes a trickle-down effect that is neither good for the national economy nor for individuals at any level.

This proposal is against Prime Minister’s vision of increasing Ease of Doing Business in the country, instead of facilitating business, it shall increase cost of doing business. From this esteemed platform, we urge Prime Minister Imran Khan to turn down the proposal for the sake of public, for the sake of business community and industrial growth, VP FPCCI Raja added.

In order to keep the economy afloat and provide stability to the struggling business community, Government should bring down the current petroleum prices instead.

OGRA’s proposal is not only anti-people, it shall further cause stress among masses who expect and deserve a relief and nothing else, at this moment. The entire business community, trade bodies and industries expect federal government to take decisions that directly benefit the common man.=DNA