‘Turkey determined to protect its rights’: Official


ISTANBUL, JAN 29 – Turkey’s parliament speaker has said his country was resolute in protecting its legitimate rights based on international law.

Speaking at an Istanbul-based commemoration program dedicated to the Turkish independence struggle, Mustafa Sentop commented on his country’s goals and political stance.

We are determined to protect and defend Turkey’s legitimate rights arising from international law, Sentop said, adding the threats his country faced over a century ago were still existing.

Stressing that the Turkish administration worked hard to make Turkey stronger, safer, and more peaceful, he noted that Ankara was seeking to transform Turkey into a center for social, economic, and cultural initiatives.

According to the official, Turkey endeavors to ensure the safety of its citizens and friendly nations by responding to threats through cross-border operations.

Responding to the so-called “Neo-Ottoman” policies of Turkey, Sentop said such discourse was nothing but paranoid allegations, and the Ankara administration was aware of realpolitik.