Don’t try to please others, PM tells nation


Don’t try to

please others,

PM tells nation

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday said that Pakistan must always aim to be self reliant and not be afraid to have lofty dreams.

“People talk about projecting a soft image for Pakistan. What does a soft image even mean? […] Will the world begin to think very highly of us then?” said the premier.

He said that Pakistan must not fall for this misconception. “This is having an inferiority complex. When a country loses self-confidence, it begins to think of how to please others,” the prime minister said.

He was addressing a gathering in Islamabad held to showcase a docu-drama “Paani ke pankh” that highlights the importance of Pakistan harnessing its hydropower capabilities.

“We must never think of doing something that the West wants. Like when Musharraf spoke of ‘enlightened moderation’. […] No one knew what it was. People thought the more they look like people from the West, the more they will seem moderate,” PM Imran Khan said, adding that a nation only does such things when it lacks confidence.

He said that Pakistan need only project one image — that it is an independent nation, one that is standing on its own feet, has confidence, and believes in its future and does not rely on any other nation. “It is only then that the world respects such a nation.”

Earlier, PM claimed that his government will be victorious in the coming Senate elections.

Addressing a meeting of the government spokespersons in Islamabad on Thursday, Imran Khan said “We want that the Senate elections should be transparent.”

The prime minister said the federal government will continue efforts for holding Senate elections through the open ballot. He said the government has decided to make amendments in the Constitution for holding the Senate polls through the open ballot because it wants to ensure transparency in the voting process.

He said the government land worth billions was recovered by the relevant authorities. Imran Khan praised the Punjab government’s efforts against the ‘qabza mafia’, saying the operation against the mafia will continue. The participants have been given briefings on important matters including the report of Transparency International, the Broadsheet scandal, ongoing actions against land grabbing mafia and others.