Educated Pakistan promises prosperous and peaceful Pakistan: Zia Ul Qayyum


ISLAMABAD, JAN 23 (DNA) – ‘Pakistan is celebrating International Day of Education today in line with the rest of the nations of the world.

This day reminds us that without inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong opportunities for all, countries will not succeed in breaking the cycle of poverty and to advance sustainable development and  providing lifelong learning opportunities for all’, said Prof Dr Zia ul Qayyum, VC, AIOU in a message released on celebration of International Day of Education today.

He stressed the youth of Pakistan to serve the nation after seeking education and play their due role in the progress and development of the country.

He highlighted the role of AIOU in promoting education and enhancing rate of literacy by initiating various key projects targeting under privileged and marginalized segments of the society.

He, further, added that within the limited time period of two years, he has expanded the regional network of the university by establishing ten new regional centers.

He said that AIOU is providing free education to the people of Baluchistan, KPK, GB and former FATA. He concluded that AIOU will strive to promote learning to empower people, protect the planet, build shared prosperity and foster peace by providing quality educational services to the remotest and distant regions of the country and by focusing on education of every individual in the country.=DNA