Chairman CDA reviews progress on anti-encroachment campaign



ISLAMABAD: Chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA) chaired a high level session to deal with the encroachments in the city on Friday. IG Islamabad, DIG, Deputy Commissioner, SSP, and CDA officials attended the session. Officials of revenue department were also present at the occasion. Important decisions were made during the high level session.

Decision to remove encroachments from Islamabad Highway, Margala hills, and green areas was taken during the session.  Besides this, a high level committee was also devised to resolve the pending cases regarding revenue. The committee will comprise of officers of police and revenue department. It is also decided during the session that strict action would be taken against the government officials who would be found involved in encroachments and illegal occupation. Special check points of police and CDA will be setup to protect the areas allocated for forests from encroachments.

Upon the special directions of Chairman CDA the administration of the authority took action against encroachments in zone three on Friday. CDA retrieved its land. Forest area on government’s land in Malpur retrieved. Three different illegal constructions at grabbed land were demolished at the occasion. CDA and police took part in the action against encroachments.

Speaking at the occasion, Chairman CDA said that the process of actions against the encroachments will be continued without any break. Strict action should be taken against those who have grabbed the government’s land and forest’s land, he added.

Prior to this CDA removed dozens of encroachments at park road. 03 buildings, 10 illegal boundary walls, 01 illegal building, 01 room, 03 road side set ups, and DPC of one building were demolished at Bari Imam during the operation against encroachments. Construction material was captured. Anti encroachment operation was also conducted in C-15 where a number of encroachments were removed.

Illegal constructions and encroachments at 06 different places of Bani Gala were also demolished. Polls were removed from a street in F-7/3. An iron pillar was removed from the street in G-8. One illegal security cabin was also demolished at the occasion. Illegal boundary wall was demolished at F-11. Encroachments were also removed from Khhana Pull and I-9.