RCCI organizes blood camp for Thalassemia patients


RAWALPINDI, JAN 10 (DNA) – The Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) President Mohammad Nasir Mirza has said the business community is fully aware of its social responsibilities. RCCI has arranged a blood camp for Thalassemia patients as they are facing a lot of difficulties due to COVID-19.

RCCI President Nasir Mirza also informed that amidst prevailing COVID -19 spread and closure of Universities and Colleges in the city, patients of thalassemia are facing acute shortage of blood after reduced blood donations are being observed from citizens.

Anticipating the difficulties and problems of thalassemia patients, RCCI arranged a blood donation camp, in which as many as 50 members, staff and civil society donated blood for patients of thalassemia, he added. RCCI chief also appealed to the business community and citizens to come forward and be a part of its ongoing campaign for relief activities including blood camp for thalassemia patients. It’s the responsibility of all the stakeholders of the society as lives of thalassemia children depend on blood transfusion, he added.

He said RCCI is closely working with Thalassemia society and other agencies to play its full role in the fight against thalassemia and would continue to work with other agencies and organisations to alleviate the plight of the patients.=DNA