Schedule of annual elections of JAP announced


ISLAMABAD, JAN 9 (DNA) – The schedule for the annual elections of Journalists Association of Pakistan for 2021-22 has been announced. In the first phase, the election of central office bearers will be carried out.

Founder Chairman S. A.  Sehbai is in office for life while applications for election of Central President Senior Vice Presidents, Secretary General, Finance Secretary, Joint Secretary, Broadcasting Secretary and members of Governing Bodies will be received till January 20.  Requests from internationally qualified Pakistani anchor persons, intellectuals, columnists and editors will be accepted for key officials and members of the governing bodies.

In the second phase, applications will be received from eminent working journalists, anchors, intellectuals, columnists and editors from all five provinces of Pakistan including Azad Jammu and Kashmir.  Will be collected and the membership process will be expedited at the international level.

Chairman of the Journalists Association of Pakistan S.  A.  Sehbai asked Dr. Shahid Masood, Patron General of the Journalists Association of Pakistan, and Mubashir Luqman, Leading Journalist in charge of JAP, Governing Body in charge of Central and Provincial Leadership Elections and Membership for the election of Central Officials and Governing Bodies.

Guidance and full interest is requested for a successful election process.  Dr. Shahid Masood Mubashir Luqman and S.S.  A.  Contact Sehbai. Final decision After mutual consultation, Chairman of Cherylists Association of Pakistan S.  A.  It will belong to Sehbai.

Leading Pakistani journalists (men and women) from all over the world to participate in the Central Elections and Governing Bodies Elections and to participate in the Central Elections, send your data to the official WhatsApp number 03344299992 before January 20.=DNA