Performance of Asphalt Plant of CDA remained remarkable during 2020



ISLAMABAD: Performance of Asphalt Plant of Capital Development Authority (CDA) remained remarkable during the year 2020. The authority has completed work of repairing and carpeting of roads of 65 Kilometers on 2.5 million square feet with the help of its asphalt plant.

These roads include various sectors, parks, main roads, link roads, streets, and avenues.According to detail, CDA’s department of MPO completed work of 65 kilometer roads and streets during the year 2020.

Construction material for these roads was prepared by CDA’s own asphalt plant due to which cut in budget of the said projects witnessed.These projects include, carpeting of two cycle tracks in E-7; 02 cycle tracks of F-8; streets of sector F-10; G-9; roads of sector I-8; Service roads; main roads and service roads of I-10; and main roads and service roads of F-11. The work on lane marking and kerb stoning is also underway side by side the repairing of roads. Ramps will also be constructed to facilitate the disables. The work on repairing and restoration of the roads is underway in three shifts.