Pakistan shares dividends of China’s poverty reduction experience: Report



ISLAMABAD, JAN 1 – The stunning achievement of poverty reduction has not only improved lives in China but also through its newly established Belt and Road Initiative is sharing the dividends to the regions beyond China, says a report published by Gwadar Pro on Friday

Pakistan as one of the important partners through China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is receiving the uplift at the same time where the project is at the second phase focusing on lifting the people from poverty apart from focusing on agriculture and industrial cooperation.

Recently, an online international forum “International Forum on Sharing Poverty Reduction Experience” was held in Beijing.

The forum was hosted by State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development (LGOP) and organized by International Poverty Reduction Center in China (IPRCC), bringing together almost 200 representatives from 60 countries.

According to the report, celebrating and hosting such a conference on a global scale especially at the end of 2020 is symbolic in nature as the year is significant when China is completing its important millstone related to poverty alleviation.

The main theme of this forum was about sharing poverty reduction experience with other fellow countries and their statesmen.

Among them were representatives from African and South East Asian countries. With a strong congratulatory note from President Xi Jinping highlighting the importance of the Chinese quest and miraculous development efforts to alleviate poverty, the forum was a true learning platform for many countries to know deeper the Chinese experience.

The forum was a unique opportunity to know in depth about the strategies, methods and plans of how China has been able to alleviate poverty from its roots even after facing tremendous challenges on the way.

Message by President Xi echo the fact that how strongly the incumbent leadership paved the way through the wisdom of centuries and believe on the future and emerging trends, navigate the nation through the challenging times ahead.

The milestone is marked with fanfare as the Communist Party of China is to celebrate 100 years of its foundation.

The year 2020 is a landmark year in China’s overall strategic goals set forth for the country. China has been hailed at all levels and standards of the world including World Bank, United Nations and other financial standards.

Even the pandemic has not been able to stop China from its objective. While closely looking at China’s poverty reduction efforts at the domestic level, over the time period of 40 years of reform and later opening up, the individual has remained supreme and center of China’s strategies for development efforts.

The scale of China’s poverty alleviation is tremendous as it was 90 % in 1981 but in 2020 the poverty has been reduced to whooping 1%.

This dramatic improvement in poverty reduction for the past years by China has contributed toward the global poverty eradication drive.

This drive was not only focus on metropolitan cities but remote villages across China and poorest of all families using effective strategies, technology, latest development tools and skills with focused approach and sustainable policies frameworks.

Despite numerous hurdles and challenges on the way of China’s poverty eradication efforts are notable and novel for the rest of the world. In such a short span of time, managing the root causes of poverty, China has put forth an astonishing model of poverty alleviation program.

This forum has also attracted international organizations to participate through video conference; and intergovernmental organizations, national and regional level NGOs learnt the ways and means by China achieve this miracle.

China’s struggle against poverty alleviation and poverty reduction strategies set an example of honesty, commitment and perseverance of CPC under the leadership of Xi Jinping.

It is purely evident in its nature as they have been courageous in uplifting rural areas from poverty by systematic and organized policy. The country now has a bulk of young population equipped with new technologies and innovative ways to contribute towards economy strategically for the ongoing industrial revolution.

At the same time the uneducated and elderly were supported through various programs by providing basic necessities of life and help to improve their living conditions.

This goes true that the Chinese leadership is not taking rest at all and there is a lot to achieve. For them the end of poverty is the beginning of the improvement in the lives of the people through shared prosperity and destiny.

China is steady in its drive towards building an economic base for its populace that is not only helping the country at the domestic level but creating economic ripples across the globe.

Thiss entire exercise and assertive efforts by China at the domestic level have providing benefits to the region and beyond and Pakistan is no exception.