IICR organizes webinar titled “Removing Pitfalls: Re-imagining the Education System of Pakistan”



ISLAMABAD, DEC 29 – Islamabad Institute of Conflict Resolution (IICR) organized a webinar on education system of Pakistan, titled “Removing Pitfalls: Re-imagining the Education System of Pakistan”.the webinar included eminent speakers which highlighted the existing lacunas in the education system and how it can be improved through various means.

The session was moderated by Ms. Sabah Aslam, Founder IICR, while the rest of the rooster included, Dr. Amna Mehmood, Dean Social Sciences IIUI, Dr. Tanveer Afzal, Assistant professor Department of Education AIOU, Mr. Khurram Ellahi Khan, PhD Scholar and Motivational Speaker and Ms. Naureen Ibrahim, Member National Assembly.

While speaking to the webinar Mr. Khurram spoke on the importance of self realization for education. He emphasized that the core foundation of knowledge is self realization. Whether its Greeks or the Muslims’ golden era it was the self realization which prompted the innovation and extended the horizons of Knowledge, he said. Adding more he said the prime urge of knowing is embedded in the very existence of human being, one just has to realize it and the moment one realizes it, the rightful pursuit starts.

Dr. Amna Mehmood brought solutions to the table as she said that there is a need to integrate technology and develop knowledge based learning rather burdening the student physically and psychologically as well. Moreover, she emphasized that changes shall be brought to basic level which will ultimately lead to advance levels. Dr. Amna said that there is a huge difference between basic education in other countries specially west and basic education in Pakistan. adding more she said the there is also a need to add skilled people to the education sector as well so that the people who are earning professional degrees can have better understanding of what they are being taught.

The next speaker on the panel was Dr. Tanveer Afzal laid down a detailed framework on education system of Pakistan through his presentation. While speaking he added that Pakistan lacks skill based learning and there is more focus on memorizing rather actually learning a skill, from environment in classrooms to board exams, it confines the learning process to memorizing. Furthermore, he said that there are systematic flaws which we need to overcome because these flaws hinder the ability to innovate and subdue the creative capabilities in students. While giving recommendations Dr. Tanveer said that we need to engage students into setting goals which can improve and give growth to the environment of innovation. Moreover, he also said that the learning environment shall be open which can improve the learning process

The last speaker on panel was Ms. Naureen Ibrahim. While addressing the webinarMs.  Naureen said that Education model is perhaps one of the most important indicators in determining the level of development of a nation. Evaluations aren’t the only thing that determine how good or bad an education system is. Aspects such as affordability towards higher education, study hours, quality and equal access to education, investing in teacher training, use of new technologies, innovative teaching methodologies, and nurturing the talent , putting the right and precise amount of effort are the things that would prepare millennials to cope up with evolving world , a new world with a new culture , new social and political norms and a better understanding of humanity.She said that it is true that we are lagging in our education system which is menacing our society and has laid roots to various crimes. She added that apart form what content is being taught what is more important is how it is being taught and from whom it is being taught, which is teacher. Emphasizing the need of teachers she said that irrespective of forms of education system it is important to understand the importance of teacher and how it can improve the whole education system as a whole.

The session was then followed by the question and answer session by worthy participants and then session was concluded by Ms. Sabah Aslam, Founder IICR.