‘Emotional’ Bella Hadid urges to help needy as New York experiences heavy snow


Supermodel Bella Hadid was feeling “emotional” for those in need as New York was experiencing heavy snow. Taking to Instagram, she expressed her emotions of how people are struggling to cope in the blistering cold.

This, coupled with the atrocities of the Covid-19 pandemic meant that there were a lot more families, desperate and in need of help.

“The snow has been beautiful but everyday, as it gets colder, I cant stop thinking about the people who don’t have homes this winter, who walk to work every morning in the snow without the layers they need, the street workers. I am always thinking of the people that might not be able to afford thick, warm coats for themselves, their kids, parents, etc. ,” she wrote.

Bella then went on to say that she went through her own closet and decided to donate a whole lot of her winter wardrobe.

“I went through my closet and found some of my warmest things , jackets and coats to send to @thepeoplestablenyc they picked up all of it and will dispense it throughout the city to the people that need it most. I’m gonna continue to support them especially through the winter!! Thank you to the people’s table for all that you do . I am so inspired.”

She also urged her followers to give a helping to those in need in these difficult times.

“If you notice someone on the street that looks cold, let them know you care by grabbing them a warm jacket, a scarf, some socks, or a sweater!! Maybe even a warm drink too if you are feeling extra kind,” she wrote.