ISLAMABAD : The counsel of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Khursheed Shah has sought more time to complete preparations for responding queries of the Supreme Court (SC) in the bail petition.

Justice Mushir Alam heard the bail petition filed by PPP leader Khursheed Shah in the cases registered by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).Justice Mushir Alam remarked that a larger bench of the Supreme Court (SC) made it clear about the principles for seeking bail in NAB cases. The chances for getting bail in the NAB cases are less, he added.

Khursheed Shah’s counsel, Raza Rabbani, said that he was unaware of the verdict given by the top court’s larger bench. To this, the judge remarked that it seems that the lawyer’s legal team has not assisted him well.

Justice Yahya Afridi said the counsel could continue its argument only if he can make a clarification regarding the assets of the petitioner, Khursheed Shah. The family of the petitioner accepted ownership of the said properties and arguments could only be heard if the assets values have matched with his income, said the judge besides questioning that source of Shah’s income when he had joined the politics.

Raza Rabbani replied that his client mentioned about all of his properties in the particulars.

Justice Afridi remarked that the matter is not about disclosing assets but to ascertain the sources of income. Raza Rabbani argued that Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) had not issued any notice to Shah, whereas, the anti-corruption watchdog had filed a case against him on the basis of the net worth of his assets.

“A probe had also been launched against Khursheed Shah in 2001, however, it was closed after seven years when the NAB found nothing wrong against him,” said Rabbani.

Justice Afridi said that financial records of the petitioner will uncover the facts about the variation of Shah’s sources of income.

Raza Rabbani then sought more time from the top court for completing his preparation in the case.

Later, the top court adjourned the hearing of the bail petition for an indefinite period.

Moreover, another bail plea was wrapped up by the top court over the request of Shah’s counsel Aitzaz Ahsan. He pleaded the apex court for withdrawing the second petition over being ineffective as it was filed before Shah’s indictment in the corruption reference.