CDA asked to focus on better development of industrial areas



ISLAMABAD, DEC 12 – Fatma Azim, Acting President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) said that the industrial areas in Islamabad including I-9, I-10 and Kahuta Industrial Triangle are playing very important role in the development of the local economy by promoting industrial activities and exports but these areas are facing multiple problems due to the lack of focus from CDA for their better development.

She said that CDA has not done the required development work in these industrial areas for the last many years due to which infrastructure has deteriorated significantly and promoting industrial activities is becoming more difficult. She urged that CDA should take measures to address all issues of the industrial areas of Islamabad on priority basis that would help in promoting industrial activities and improving the regional economy.

Fatma Azim said that many roads in industrial areas of Islamabad are broken which makes it difficult for the heavy duty vehicles to ensure timely supply and delivery of goods to industries. The broken roads often cause the vehicles to break down causing heavy losses to them. She said that the industrial areas of Islamabad are boosting production activities, increasing exports and providing employment to thousands of people, therefore, CDA should pay special attention to the better development of these industrial areas.

ICCI Acting President said that businesses and industries are already facing great problems due to Covid-19 pandemic while CDA and MCI have made manifold increases in property taxes and water charges on industrial plots, which has also increased the production cost. She demanded that CDA/MCI should reduce property tax to the previous level in order to provide badly needed relief to the business community in these tough times.

Abdul Rehman Khan, Vice President, ICCI said that a bridge over the Nullah in Street No. 1 in I-9 sector is broken since long causing accidents and great losses to vehicles. He demanded that the CDA should repair the broken bridge on an urgent basis to redress problems for industries and commuters. He further said that a bridge is needed at Nullah Lai to provide easy access to I-10/3 market and urged that CDA should construct the said bridge as soon as possible. He said that CDA should restore all faulty street lights in industrial areas in Islamabad and new street lights should be installed where they are not available. He further demanded that a dispensary should be constructed in industrial areas to provide first aid to the industrial workers in time of need.