Shibli asks citizens to avoid PDM rallies


Rana Farrukh

ISLAMABAD, DEC 8 – Referring to Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM)’s upcoming public gathering in Lahore, Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz Tuesday asked the citizens to stay away from its rallies to save their own and their families’ lives from the second wave of coronavirus pandemic.

Addressing a post-cabinet press briefing along with Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Youth Affairs Muhammad Usman Dar, Shibli urged Lahoris and others to refrain from falling into the PDM leaders’ trap as they were liar and deceitful, and had nothing to do with the public welfare.

He said the PDM leaders did not bother about the ordinary people as they just wanted to use them for their own agendas and vested interests. Their level of sincerity with the people could be gauged from the Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari’s engagement in which the COVID-19 test was mandatory for the participants.

Once the rallies were over, they would not even help the people to get tested for the coronavirus, he added.

Their public gatherings were only meant to get relief in the corruption cases by building pressure on the government but they were mistaken as they had to meet their ultimate fate,” the minister said adding Prime Minister Imran Khan was an honest leader and would never compromise with them corruption cases.

He said the PDM leaders had looted the country with impunity bringing it at the brink of destruction and weakened the national institutions.

The opposition leaders during their tenure promoted nepotism and appointed their blue-eyed people on covet positions that eventually led to the massive brain drain of the country as competent people opted to move abroad for jobs, he added.

Shibli said when the PDM leaders were in the power, they took every possible step to weaken the country’s economy. They kept the economic trajectory upward with cosmetic measures and put the tough decisions under the carpet, he added.

He said people had rejected them in the last general elections for their corruption, but now they refused to accept the results, especially in those areas where they were lost.