Balance of power through Pak-China defense cooperation!


Attiya Munawar

Pakistan and China are bound in everlasting ties of love and friendship. The long lasting, deep and strong fraternal ties between the two countries are based on mutual trust, confidence and respect, so the changes that have taken place at the international level have never had an effect, but the relationship has improved over time. Pak-China relations are paramount in every field. In recent years, China has turned its attention to investing in Pakistan and also several Chinese companies are operating in different sectors in Pakistan.

China has always strived to make Pakistan one of the developed nations and is always ready to work side by side in all areas including, economic, energy and defense. From cooperation in aviation from Pakistan to the exchange of delegations in trade and cultural fields, the two countries have not only grown closer, but these contacts have been very helpful in getting acquainted with each other’s culture and civilization.

And now on the occasion of the Chinese Defense Minister’s visit to Pakistan, it has been agreed to increase defense cooperation. Due to India’s aggressive demeanor, Pakistan is on the path of invincibility while maintaining its defense resources, and China is fully cooperating in making Pakistan’s defense invincible.

In the current objective situation, Pak-China relations are important. India is buying state-of-the-art military weapons from all over the world; its main target is Pakistan. Where India is invading Pakistani borders, it is also challenging China. In this context, Pakistan and China have come closer. Strategic ties between Pakistan and China are important for peace, stability and development in the region, so both sides reaffirm their commitment to further strengthen the everlasting Pak-China Strategic Cooperative Partnership to build a community with a common future in the new era.

In this regard, CPEC is a major transformational project in the region. Completion of CPEC projects will not only open new doors of development and prosperity for the people of Pakistan, but will also create more opportunities for expansion in China’s economy. The civil and military leadership of Pakistan is hopeful for the success of CPEC, which will prove to be a milestone in Pak-China friendship and the completion of this project will bring immense economic benefits to both the countries.

There is no doubt that the CPEC project will pave the way for prosperity and development in the region, but India is working hard to sabotage such an important project. The United States is backing India in light of the changing situation in the region, while China and Pakistan have welcomed the signing of a peace agreement between the United States and the Taliban in Afghanistan, both hoping that the international community will now fully support Afghanistan’s post-conflict reconstruction and economic development. The United States and India signed a defense agreement two months ago to provide sensitive satellite data in response to efforts by Pakistan and China to save the region from armed conflict. The agreement was reached at a time when India’s border dispute with China was at its height, and with the help of this sensitive data, India will be able to accurately and precisely target missiles, drones and other targets. India has apparently done the deal for China in the US interest, but its real target is Pakistan, which is why the Indian Prime Minister has started openly threatening his neighbors. It is not possible for Pakistan in such a situation to watch the deteriorating defense balance hand in hand, Pakistan will have to meetthe need for latest technology.

India is preparing to impose a regular war on Pakistan intoxicated with modern nuclear weapons obtained from various countries including the United States, France, Germany and Britain. So, any major tragedy could happen tomorrow at his hands, but the international community is silent in the guise of its own interests.OIC, the representative body of the Muslim world, in its meeting focused on the ongoing Indian fanaticism in occupied Kashmir,urged India to restore the constitutional status of Kashmir and resolve the Kashmir issue on the basis of Security Council resolutions. The Indian leadership is on fire and is trying to escalate the atmosphere of provocation by making awkward statements against Pakistan. If its expansionist ambitions are not curtailed, the peace and security of the region will be at stake.

Undoubtedly, the world is not ready to stop India’s fanatics, even though they are aware of their extremist ambitions, because their interests stand in the way. In view of the emerging situation on the world stage, Pakistan will have to seriously consider its options and make decisions in the context of national interest. Pakistan has long been an ally of the United States. But now in the changing circumstances, the United States has made India the focus of its hopes in the region. Pakistan needs the CPEC project and Chinese investment to secure its economic future. While the CPEC project is a means of further strengthening friendship with China, it has also distanced itself from the United States. The growing conflict between China and the United States will definitely increase the diplomatic pressure on Pakistan. Pakistan has to do its best to avoid falling into the trap of competition between the two major powers. However, Pakistan and China need a new balance of power in the region. Pak-China bilateral defense relations can help maintain the balance of power.

Written by

Attiya Munawer

Twitter: @AttiyaMunawer