Vegetables/fruits of Baluchistan have great potential for export to China: Report


ISLAMABAD, Dec. 6 (DNA): The vegetables and fruits of Baluchistan have great potential for export to China, says a report carried by Gwadar Pro on Sunday.

Baluchistan produces the major vegetables and some other fruits like Cherry at national level to earn the title of being “fruit basket of Pakistan”.

According to the report, although it is sparsely populated, Baluchistan is the largest production base for apples, apricots, almonds, plums, pomegranates grapes, etc in Pakistan.

Liaquat Shahwani, Spokesperson Govt of Baluchistan told Gwadar Pro that the establishment of a date processing unit at Panjgur is expected to undergo implementation shortly.

This intervention will add value to the commodity which is grown largely in the area but growers are deprived of legitimate profit margins,as they have to sell the raw Dates at throw away prices in the local markets.

“Proper processing shall also open up export opportunities. The initiative is also believed to boost much needed economic activities including employment in the far-flung area of Panjgur,” he said.

The export potential of not only Dates but Onions as well are promising by all means.

Liaquat Shahwani stated that more than half million tons of Onions are annually produced in Baluchistan which if exported to China shall go a long way in uplifting the socio-econimc standing of onion growers who usually sustain heavy losses due to local market gluts during the harvest season.

“Government of Baluchistan is giving due importance to the uplift of agriculture sector in development plans by making resources available for productivity enhancement, value addition and marketing of all major fruits produced in the province.

All these interventions are aimed at the well-being and prosperity of young farmers who are expected to take charge of the farming from their elders in times to come.” He further mentioned, the report added.