Pak endorses Sheikhul Azhar for moving Int’l Court of Justice on blasphemous caricatures: Hafiz Tahir


Shujaat Hamza

ISLAMABAD, Chairman Pakistan Ulema Council, Special Representative to Prime Minister on Interreligious Harmony, Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi Sunday said Pakistan endorsed the decision of Sheikh-ul-Azhar to move into International Court of Justice against blasphemous caricatures issues in France.

Talking to Egyptian Ambassador to Pakistan Tarek Dahrough, Hafiz Tahir Ashrafi stated that Egypt owns very key and effective position in Muslim Ummah and Jamiatul Azhar is great center for Muslim scholars.

Holy places of Muslims and non-Muslims are situated in Egypt, which associated with great Islamic and cultural history of the world, he said.

Coordination on part of Jamiatul Azhar and Government of Egypt for Pakistan’s students is very commending and appreciated.

He conveyed message of Prime Minister Imran Khan to Sheikh-ul-Azhar stating that Pakistan will remain present to support and cooperate at every level.

Ashrafi stated that OIC resolution on Kashmir issue is endorsement of Pakistan’s stance. He also added that cooperation among all seminaries and universities of Pakistan will be strengthened with Jamiatul Azhar.

“Pakistan is being esteemed in the Muslim world and country will keep striving for unity and stability of Muslim Ummah,” he said.

Pakistan playing frontline role to eliminate the menace of extremism and terrorism and the entire Muslim world should demonstrate unity against such threats.

Egyptian Ambassador to Pakistan Tarek Dahrough said that Pakistan is very affectionate country and relations between Pakistan and Egypt are deep rooted and strong. Promotion of Arabic language among Pakistani students and religious scholars, Arabic courses have been increased through the platform of Jamiatul Azhar.

He also stated that exchange of delegates and rising trend of learning Arabic language in Pakistan will further strengthen relations between Pakistan and Egypt.

Ashrafi said Pakistan stood firmly on its stance of not recognising Israel until and unless an Independent Palestinian state is not established.=DNA