Govt given time to respond to plea against sugar, wheat price hike


LAHORE : The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Friday gave the Punjab government more time to submit a detailed response to a petition against alleged shortage and skyrocketing prices of wheat and sugar.

A single bench comprising Justice Sajid Seth expressed displeasure over the government’s failure to submit its comments. The Punjab government’s counsel sought time to comply with the court order.The bench directed the government to submit a detailed report spelling out what measures it has thus far taken to ensure availability of the essential food items in markets and control their prices.

The government is further required to apprise the court on how much sugar and wheat were imported and their rates at which both commodities were purchased.

On December 4, Prime Minister Imran Khan had said that the ex-mill price of sugar came down by Rs20 per kilogramme in 20 days due to the government’s effective intervention in the matter.

Taking to Twitter, PM Khan said the distribution of imported sugar at control rates and timely start of the crushing season was also ensured.

“Distribution of imported sugar at control rates and timely start of crushing season also ensured. I have asked provinces to ensure fair and swift cane payments are made to farmers,” he wrote on his official Twitter handle.