PAK vs NZ: 42 members of Pakistan squad clear coronavirus test for 3rd time


KARACHI : 42 members of Pakistani contingent have received their 3rd negative COVID-19 test results after day-6 testing, an official of New Zealand health ministry said on Tuesday.

Total 46 members of the squad, who were initially tested negative, were tested on Monday and of them, 42 have received negative results, while three results are still under investigation to determine if they are historical cases and one result is pending.

“Day 6 swabs were taken yesterday from 46 members of the Pakistan cricket squad in Christchurch who to date have returned negative test results for COVID-19,” said the spokesperson of New Zealand health ministry.

“Of those, 42 have subsequently returned a further negative test result. Three are under investigation to determine whether they are historical cases, and one test result is pending,” the spokesperson added.

The spokesperson, said that the three cases under investigation have returned positive PCR tests.

“We are looking at these further to determine if they are historical infections. An update will be provided tomorrow.”

However, the spokesperson added that the team is not allowed to train until the Canterbury DHB medical officer of health determines they are satisfied that any training activities are unlikely to transmit COVID-19.

It is worth mentioning that six members of Pakistan squad were tested positive on day 1 of testing, two of them were later confirmed as “historical”, non-infectious and were subsequently allowed to rejoin the squad.

One more player returned with a positive test on day 3 testing which now makes reported active COVID-19 cases in Pakistan squad to 4. All moved to a quarantine facility.

On Saturday, the New Zealand Health authorities conducted serology (blood) testing on all 53 members present in Christchurch. As a result, a further 11 people (in addition to the two others) returned positive serology indicating previous “historic” infections.

When contacted to further understand “historical” cases, an official said that people who have previously had COVID-19 sometimes produce “weak” positive test results weeks or months afterwards.

“To reiterate, these people (historic cases) are not infectious and don’t pose a risk to others,” It said.