The future of academic research


By Muhammad Omar Iftikhar  

A piece of recent news mentions about 81 Pakistani academics who have become part of the two percent scientists. The list has been compiled by Stanford University in the USA. It has names of 159683 people from across the world from all scientific disciplines. These academicians and researchers were added to the list based on an international evaluation of their research papers. Moreover, their selection was made on a career-long citation impact until 2019. Included in this list are eleven teachers from the Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU) Islamabad and five scientists from the University of Haripur. This milestone achievement shows that Pakistanis do have the ability to make a difference and pursue tasks requiring cognitive skills. The challenge here is to create a ripple effect where the same passion to learn and grow is directed and imparted among people from all social strata. These scientists can publish the summary of their research in easy-to-understand language on social media and print publications. It will be helping those who are directly or indirectly associated with such professions to which the research is related. Translating such research in Urdu and other regional languages will be useful in its swift dissemination. Fortunately, 2% of Pakistanis are a part of such a distinguished list. However, it is the duty of these 2% Pakistanis to share their findings to help others understand their work and learn something new.  The education sector of Pakistan, apart from the need for restructuring, requires a change in its syllabus. It needs to impart practical learning among students who can question and broaden their mental horizon. Such scientists can add value to the content and syllabus by adding such information that is relevant, pertinent, and useful for the careers and professional learning of the students. The concerned authorities must make such strategies so the students and professionals can benefit from the learning of such academicians, scientists, and researchers who make Pakistan proud.