NZ Health Ministry provides update on ‘two COVID-19 positive’ Pakistan players


Karachi : New Zealand Health Ministry has stated on Sunday that two of the six initial COVID-19 positive cases in the Pakistan squad are no longer infectious.

The national squad also underwent serology Tests along with routine PCR testing for the COVID-19 virus yesterday.

“Following serology (blood) testing, two of the original six positive cases are now considered to be historic cases and are therefore not infectious,” the NZ health ministry said in its media release.

The media release further said that 11 individuals return positive serology due to having historical infections. Names were not revealed by the ministry.

“As a result, a further 11 people (in addition to the two mentioned above) returned positive serology indicating previous ‘historic’ infections,” the ministry added.

Note, six members of the squad had tested positive on the first day of the team’s arrival while a seventh member tested positive yesterday.

Meanwhile, no decision has been made regarding an exemption to allow the players to train. The 53-member squad will undergo their third PCR testing on Monday