All Mothers are the same


Attiya Munawer

All mothers are the same whether the mother is of the rich or the poor, is like a cool shade for her children. Mother is the name of a selfless lover and life-long best friend. She is a blessing to her children and such a blessing is removed from their heads on her death. Similarly, the blessing of a mother has also been taken away from Mian brothers whenthe mother of Mian Nawaz Sharif and MianShehbaz Sharif left and became dear to Allah Almighty. The news of the demise of Begum ShamimAkhtar, the mother of the Sharif brothers, was heard all over the country with feelings of grief and sorrow.May Allah raise the ranks of the late and give patience to those who are left behind that the loss of a mother is a great shock.On this occasion, the manner in which the grief was expressed by various sections of the society, including the President and the Prime Minister, is commendable because there is nothing more than humanity and mothers are the same for everyone.

People who have had the opportunity to meet Ms. ShamimAkhtar, see her at a party or listen to her talk, all think she was a straightforward, devout housewife who had nothing to do with any political activity or worldliness except that whoever came before her and greeted her with respect, she used to pray for him endlessly in his gentle and kind tone. While the late MajeedNizami says that Ms. ShamimAkhtar is no ordinary woman, a general impression is that the iron personality and temperament of their father Mian Muhammad Sharif is very much involved in the upbringing and training of Sharif brothers, this impression is not so wrong, but in my personal opinion, their mother’s share is much greater. One aspect of Ms. ShamimAkhtar’s personality was that of a loyal and dignified housewife, but at the same time she was also a spiritual woman, which is why the Mian brothers, especially MianNawaz Sharif would come to her service before every decision and first inform her of his plans, decisions and political adventures and then take any action only after her permission.

In this regard, Mujeeb-ur-RehmanShami and JameelAtharQazi support it in such a way that this family, accustomed to luxuries, suffered a series of misfortunes after 1999. These people not only lost power andwere sent to jails, but there were trials like the deaths of Mian Sharif, Abbas Sharif and Kulsoom Nawaz, but at all these stages, unlike a traditional woman, she did not weaken her husband and sons but stood behind them like a rock. InMian Nawaz Sharif and MianShehbaz Sharif’s success, the role of their mother’s patronage and guidance is paramount. The Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had refused to go abroad when he fell ill in jail and efforts were made to send him out of the country. At this stage too, the higher authorities had contacted his mother and requested her to do so. That his son’s health is bad, if it worsens, it will be very complicated, so you persuade him to send abroad, and this crisis was also averted from the mobilization of the late ShamimAkhtar, Eventhough she left this world and played an important role in the national life despite being a pure housewife, she will be remembered in the political history of Pakistan for her role.

Begum ShamimAkhtar lived a full life and along with her family’s prosperous life, she also witnessed and endured the hardships that befell this family in different periods and kept on urging her children to always be steadfast. She had gone to London after the release on bail of Mian Nawaz Sharif and was staying with him. For the last month, her health has been deteriorating and due to her ill health, she went to Allah Almighty. Her body is being brought to Pakistan and the burial will take place at a designated place next to her husband Mian Sharif.The Punjab government has made a commendable decision by announcing the release on parole of her detained son MianShehbaz Sharif and grandson HamzaShehbaz for attending the funeralof the deceased, which should be carried out without any hesitation. Since it is a basic requirement of humanity to act generously on such occasions, they should be released on more days than expected as people from all over the country have to come for condolences of their late mother.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of tolerance in our politics, the tradition of not tolerating each other even in times of joy and sorrow is getting stronger. Of course, the release of MianShehbaz Sharif and HamzaShehbaz on parole by the government is a positive decision, but it does not seem possible for Nawaz Sharif to return to the country with his mother’s body as he fears that he will be punished by law as soon as he returns. In any case, he must abide by the laws and justice of the country. However, Nawaz Sharif has had to bear the trauma of the death of his father, wife and mother during the hardships of his political life, but our politics is so ruthless that even after hearing the news of the death of Begum Mian Muhammad Sharif’s death, the PDM leaders did not feel the need to cancel their ongoing rally in Peshawar or turn it into a condolence rally. While Maryam Nawaz left the meeting without giving a speech after hearing the news of her grandmother’s death, the tragedy of Begum Mian Muhammad Sharif’s demise is an equal part of the grief of the entire Sharif family, because mothers are the same for everyone. May Allah Almighty elevate her to a high position in Paradise, Ameen

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