CDA to strictly implement zoning regulation


ISLAMABAD : Capital Development Authority (CDA) decided to strictly ask the owners of housing societies and schemes to implement CDA and ICT Zoning Regulation here on Thursday. Offices of a number of illegal housing schemes and societies have been sealed.According to detail, Islamabad was divided into 5 zones according to ICT Zoning Regulation of 1992. Under zoning regulation the planning and development for housing schemes can be done in E-11 sector of Zone 1. Similarly the work can also be done in Zone 2 and Zone 5. CDA amended the zoning regulation in 2010 and allowed the Housing scheme and Agro farm scheme in Zone 4. The zone 4 was further divided into 4 sub zones. The planning and development of private schemes is being made under SRO64(I)2020. Two directorates of CDA regulate them. The department of Housing is doing planning and development of Housing Zone 2 and Zone 5. Whereas the Regional Planning Directorate regulates planning and development of zone 4.CDA is also receiving the suggesting to deal with the illegal housing schemes. Few days back CDA sealed the offices of illegal housing schemes including Ayesha town, Islamabad Cooperate Housing Scheme, Gulf Residencia, Royal City, Royal Residencia, Dream Land City, Babar enclave, ideal residencia, Rawal Enclave, and Yar Muhammad Society.