Yangtze River Delta region to strengthen economic ties with Pakistan



BEIJING, Nov 25 – Yangtze River Delta International Trade Promotion Committee and the China-Europe Association for Technical and Economic Cooperation (CEATEC) showed desire to strengthen their economic and trade ties with Pakistan.

According to Gwadar Pro, Zhao Haofang, the Secretary-general, and Tammie Xu, the Secretary of vice president, of CEATEC visited the Consulate General of Pakistan in Shanghai.

They had a meeting with Hussain Haider, the Consul General of Pakistan in Shanghai, discussing the matters of bilateral cooperation.

On the occasion, Hussain acclaimed the friendship between Pak-China and introduced the circumstance for foreign trade in Pakistan.

“As a BRI country, Pakistan welcomes Chinese enterprises to invest in Pakistan and jointly drive its economic development. We also look forward to cooperating with CEATEC and Yangtze River area,” he said.

He said that Pakistan enjoys a favourable environment for economic and trade cooperation with China. Nearly 75% of goods have zero or low tariffs, and there are fewer restrictions on imports and exports.

Zhao told the journalists of Gwadar Pro that CEATEC previously focused on the cooperation between China and Europe and did not have much contact with the Pakistani government and enterprises. But through this meeting, they really felt the good friendship between Pakistan and China.

The meeting enabled CEATEC to have a profound understanding oftrade, industrial policy, and business environment in Pakistan. It also promoted the mutual trust and pragmatic cooperation.

“In order to lay a foundation for future trade and industrial cooperation, the two sides reached a consensus on the organization of urban environment promotion activities and the business connection between enterprises of the two areas,” he said.

Zhao said that although the Yangtze River Delta is the gateway to the Asia-Pacific region, it should not be limited in Asia-Pacific region.

To adhere the national strategy of China, the regional integration development of the Yangtze River Delta should open a global perspective.

Cooperation with Pakistan will help promote development and prosperity of the Yangtze River Delta area and Pakistan,” he added.