Launching ceremony of book ‘Phool se Lipti Aag’ arranged by PUCAR



Rawalpindi, NOV 24 –  Punjab Council of the Arts in collaboration with  Halqa Ilam-o-Adab Pakistan arranged a launching ceremony of the book ‘Phool se Lipti Aag’ by Khalid Mehmood Malik. The ceremony was presided over by international fame poet and intellectual Iftikhar Arif while senior poet Naseem-e-Saher and Dr Farhat Abbas were chief guests while Dr Abid Sial was guest of honor of the ceremony.

The book was based on poetry collection of Khalid Mahmood. Chairman Halq Ilam-o-Adab Arif Farhad anchored the ceremony. Addressing at the occasion, Iftikhar Arif said that poetry was the name of sensitive feelings and the poetry of Khalid Mehmood was also in the phase of transition. He appreciated his work and ideas presented in poetry. Naseem-e-Saher and Dr Farhat Abbas said that poetry had its important place in literature.

Khalid Mehmood expressed many difficult things in the form of poems in a very beautiful way. A large number of people belonging to the literary circles were present at the event.