Film Parwaaz Hai Junoon a symbol of Sino-Pak friendship


BEIJING, NOV 23 – Pakistani film Parwaaz Hai Junoon is a symbol of friendship between China and Pakistan, said the Pakistani ambassador to China and spectators after watching the movie, Gwadar Pro reported on Monday.

The embassy of Pakistan organized a special screening of the film where the ambassador Moin ul Haque addressed the audience and said the Pakistani movie has been in China for almost 45 years. The film was released across the Chinese cinemas on 13 November 2020.

“This film has everything, action, drama, romance, emotions, values of friendship and, of course, feeling of patriotism which is very important, and these are values that the people of Pakistan and China share”, he stated.

He further said that this film is a tribute to Pakistan Air Force and its really brilliant pilots, while these cultural exchanges will help in fostering a better understanding of each other.

“I do hope that this auspicious start that we have made this week, this momentum we carry on becomes something very lasting, very permanent, an area of cooperation between the two countries. We hope to have more movies, screenings in China and additional Pakistani movies and dramas as well.

We are also going to look at joint ventures and joint production of movies between Pakistan and China”, Haque mentioned.

The ambassador further said that next year, Pakistan and China are celebrating 70 years of diplomatic relations, a very important milestone in this journey of friendship between our two countries. So next year we are also organizing and planning more than 100 events.

The cooperation and the screening of films and dramas next year will be performed as a very important part of these activities.

He further said that in the future he would try to bring more Pakistani films and dramas for the Chinese audience.

After watching the movie, Hina Shiekh said that a strong friendship can give us support for good and hard times and JF-17 is the best example of the friendship between Pakistan and China.

She really likes the scene in the film when an instructor at the air force training academy asked newly joined cadets to compare JF-17 with Mirage 2000 in class.

A female cadet proudly answered that JF-17 has many advantages, including flexibility and safety, and is praised by the instructor.

It may be mentioned here that Pakistan and China would celebrate the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations next year and such kinds of events would help build relationship in the entertainment sector as well.