Chinese learning continues during Epidemic in Pakistan



ISLAMABAD, NOV 23  – Chinese learning continues during epidemic in Pakistan, Gwadar Pro reported on Monday. The risk of a second Covid-19 epidemic has not extinguished the enthusiasm of the country’s students to learn Chinese and take HSK/HSKK test.

China-Pak Educational Cultural Institute (CEPCI) held its first offline HSK test this Saturday since the outbreak. A total of more than 100 Pakistani students took the HSK test at five levels.

According to the report, tests originally scheduled for March and May had to be cancelled due to the severe epidemic situation. However, in response to the strong request of the candidates, CPECI has applied to Hankao International for approval and formulated a detailed epidemic prevention and control plan specifically for the examination.

Prevention and control of the epidemic and ensuring the safety of personnel are the top priority of this test.

The faculty and staff have made adequate preparations, including measuring body temperature at the entrance, spraying disinfectant alcohol, and distributing medical masks; disinfect the examination room and open windows for ventilation.

“We were moved by the candidates’ spirit of studying diligently and taking the exam actively during the difficult time.

This test encouraged Pakistani students for learning Chinese and promoted cultural exchanges between China and Pakistan.” Ma Bin, Principal of CPECI said.

Confucius Institute at University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (CI-UAF) held its first HSK&HSKK exam during the epidemic on 17 October and the second on Saturday.

Zhou Changming, Chinese Dean of CI-UAF introduced that the retrieved test papers would be exposed to the open air for several hours, then handled by faculty and staff wearing masks and gloves.

“The purpose of holding examinations during the epidemic is not to hinder students’ learning progress and study abroad plans. I hope that through our efforts, students can continue to be full of motivation for learning.” Zhou said.