Auto Market I-10/3 traders demand construction of bridge at Nullah Lai



Islamabad, NOV 22 – A delegation of Traders Welfare Association, Auto Market, I-10/3, Islamabad led by its President Musharraf Janjua and Secretary General Salawar Khan Afridi visited Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry and highlighted the key issues of their market before the office bearers of ICCI for redress.

Addressing the delegation, Sardar Yasir Ilyas Khan, President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry said that CDA has now started development works in markets and assured them that CDA would hopefully initiate the development works in their market as well. He said that property tax on auto market plots has been increased from Rs.6440/- to Rs.14000/- in one go, which was not justified and stressed that property tax should be brought down to previous level to ease the problems of auto market traders.

He said that water charges for the traders of the auto market have also been increased from Rs.1750/- to Rs.4100/-, which was a massive increase and emphasized that water charges should be rationalized to make them affordable for the traders. He assured the delegation members that ICCI would fully cooperate with TWA Auto Market I-10/3, Islamabad for resolving the key issues of traders.

Speaking at the occasion, Musharraf Janjua President and Salawar Khan Afridi Secretary General, Traders Welfare Association, I-10/3, Islamabad said that due to the absence of a bridge at Nullah Lai, traders and customers were facing great problems in access to the auto market and stressed that CDA should construct a bridge on the Nullah Lai as soon as possible to connect the market with nearby areas. They said that CDA should allow construction of flats on commercial units of the auto market to address the residential issues of workers. They said that the auto market needed many facilities including restoration of streetlights, public toilets, a filtration plant for drinking water, carpeting of roads, and a dispensary to meet the first aid needs of labor and urged that CDA should provide these services. They said that CDA was getting delay charges and taxes from the plot holders of the auto market, but was not providing required services, which is not fair. They also called upon the SNGPL to provide gas connections in the auto market of I-10/3, Islamabad.

Abdul Rehman Khan, Vice President ICCI, Khalid Chaudhry and others also spoke at the occasion and called for addressing the key issues of the traders of the auto market, Islamabad.