Science Diplomacy webpage launched



ISLAMABAD – Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched its Science Diplomacy webpage which is part of the Ministry’s efforts to increase its contribution to the global science diplomacy landscape and create synergies for international scientific cooperation. The webpage was launched by the Foreign Secretary and it is consistent with ‘Vision F.O’ of the Foreign Minister.

The webpage will provide a one-stop resource to the Science, Technology, Innovation (STI) landscape of the country while also showcasing science and technology products and services portfolio from relevant institutions.

The webpage also includes a dedicated portal for registering overseas Pakistani STI professionals that will help create a ‘Diaspora Outreach Research and Innovation Network’, through which the Ministry, especially its Missions Abroad, can effectively engage with its international scientific community. The portal will also facilitate a mapping and foresight exercise to identify Pakistan’s international knowledge community while acknowledging their scientific and technological achievements.

During the launch, the Science Diplomacy Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also unveiled its new action plan which focuses on SDGs related thematic areas, science diplomacy platforms and institutions, and country-specific collaborations to provide direction to achieving its goals.

Recognizing the potential of Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) to solve global problems and as a platform to facilitate the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Ministry had launched its Science Diplomacy initiative in 2018.