Curbing the pandemic


By Muhammad Omar Iftikhar

It was expected that the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic will affect Pakistan and the world in the latter parts of 2020. The cases across Pakistan are accentuating that is an alarming situation. Strict SOPs must be followed by the public. Any virus tends to spread during winters. While the first lockdown imposed across Pakistan in March this year was a commendable step, the second version of the lockdown should be implemented. The objective is to break the chain of the spreading of the virus. Doctors had suggested that the second wave will be deadlier than before. However, the federal government and the provincial government of Sindh are not on not the same page now, as they were not on the same page before. Saeed Ghani even went on to say that there will be no winter vacations this year as “students have been given more holidays than usual this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.” Such a response will not bode well for the nation. Parents may not be willing to send their children during such times when the second wave of Covid-19 has mutated and has become fierce. While the people on the streets are not willing to wear a mask or use hand sanitizers, they must do so to protect themselves from the virus. The reluctance of the government to take concrete measures including implementing SOPs in offices, marriage halls, public places, and educational institutes will only create chaos and confusion as it did during the days leading to the first lockdown in March. The government officials need to stand tall with a resolute mind to implement SOPs that prevent the spreading of the virus. The people in general have not shown any preventive measures and still consider Covid-19 to be a hoax. The virus is pretty much real and firm steps must be implemented to reduce fatalities.