Gilgit Baltistan Election 2020: PTI victory sign of people’s trust in PM Imran Khan, says Shibli Faraz


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s victory in the Gilgit Baltistan elections is a sign of the people’s trust in Prime Minister Imran Khan’s leadership.

This was stated by Information Minister Shibli Faraz in a tweet Monday morning.

The minister said that the people of GB have rejected the narrative of PML-N and endorsed the view of the prime minister.

The polling time for the Gilgit Baltistan Election 2020 ended at 5pm on Sunday and the counting of votes is currently underway.

As of 11:30am on Monday, PTI is ahead with a lead in 8 of 23 constituencies. This is based on unofficial, provisional results. The final results may vary.

Faraz wrote that the PML-N had rejected PML-N and its statements and sealed the validity of the ideology of PM Imran Khan.

Special Assistant to the PM on Political Communication, too, gave a statement in support of the government’s position in the GB elections. He said the people of GB have buried Maryam Nawaz’s anti-state narrative.

Gill said the public had made it clear that they trust Imran Khan.

A day earlier, Faraz had congratulated the people of GB after the polling process completed peacefully and amicably.

“Congratulations, to the people of Gilgit-Baltistan. The polling process was completed peacefully and amicably. The media showed the full participation and transparency of the people, including the elderly and women, in the election process through the eyes of their cameras,” he had tweeted.

The minister contended that the media and the zealous people of GB slammed the expected rigged statements of the opposition.