The Charter of Democracy is a joke of democracy!


Political parties all over the world strive to bring democracy in the country by bringing democracy within themselves, but all our major political parties continue to sing the tune of democracy without having democracy within them. The situation of the two major political parties in the country, the PML-N and the PPP, is that the PPP is the fiefdom of the Bhutto family and the Nawaz league Sharif family. The PPP and the Nawaz League have never had internal elections since their inception, yet the tune of democracy is unleashed. Democracy is not just about elections and the acquisition of power, but our political parties are just about gaining power. They use names, take turns in the name of the Charter of Democracy and promise to protect each other, this open political hypocrisy is harming democracy instead of benefiting it, but those who undermine democracy are not shying away from singing the hymns of democracy, but the people have rejected them.

Opposition parties are once again talking about a new Charter of Democracy. The PDM has decided that a new Charter is needed to bring true democracy to the country. One Charter of Democracy was also reached in London and now another Charter is being announced in Islamabad. In Pakistan, the Charter of Democracy can only be called a deal at most,because here all political and governmental matters are decided through a deal.Democracy in Pakistan is the same as the Charter of Democracy, it is nothing but protection of each other, the Charter of Democracy is being mocked here. What could be more abusive in a democracy than accusing each other of trying to derail the car of democracy, while everyone is playing politics in the same car and what a successful politics it is? Even after derailment, the vehicle of democracy is moving.

Dictatorship in the country is not a threat to democracy, but democracy is a threat to the political leadership, because the so-called political contractors of democracy have been inviting dictatorship. At the moment, the new charter of democracy by the opposition parties is not for the sake of democratic stability and the people, but is a political ploy to keep the opposition political parties in the PDM and to end the differences.If the opposition is really in the throes of democracy, then agree on a new Charter of Democracy that aims not only to save the politics and heritage of a few families, rather it should have a clear roadmap for strengthening democracy in the country along with civilian supremacy, so that not only the interference of undemocratic forces in the political process is eliminated on a permanent basis, but also this democracy has benefited millions of people of the country. The axis of this new charter of Democracy should be the oppressed creatures of the country which is commonly called the people, but it may not be so, because the people have never been a priority for the opposition and the government.

The two main opposition parties have taken power three times. One party is still ruling in Sindh province. The leadership of both the parties has looted the national treasury instead of solving the problems of the people. People are only used to voted and chant slogans in rallies. More than 60 million people in the country are still living in poverty. The new wave of Coronavirus is further increasing the number of patients; about 25 million children are deprived of education and more than 40%of children are malnourished, 80% of the population does not have access to safe drinking water, people are forced to sell their blood, kidneys, even their children due to poverty, even after reaching such modality, the people want to see what Bilawal Bhutto, Maryam Nawaz and other public welfare claimants do in the new Charter of Democracy. So, fulfill your passion, they will not be able to do anything.

People are rejecting the charters of the opposition parties which are an obstacle in the accountability process of those who looted national resources.The abundance of information has told the people that their hard-earned money is being looted and taken abroad by corrupt politicians.Under the guise of investment, the national economy is toyed with and its commission is squandered. The people are disgusted with the tried and tested hereditary political leadership because the internal structure of political parties itself is deprived of democratic values. On the contrary, political parties will never be able to play their democratic role as long as nominations continue on the basis of likes and dislikes instead of party elections. Pakistan’s political history shows that whether it is a matter of forming a political alliance or an agreement like the Charter of Democracy, the ruling classes have been looking for a way to fulfill their aspirations by forgetting the aspirations of the people. The people of Pakistan are democrats. They prefer a peaceful and civilized way of transferring power, but do not like the fact that political parties try to overthrow the elected government in the name of the Charter of Democracy. The people will never tolerate the mockery of democracy in the name of the Charter of Democracy. If democracy is really to be strengthened in the country, then the Charter of Democracy must be brought in line with the will of the people, which political parties will never bring.

Written by

Attiya Munawer

A freelance columnist, essayist and blogger, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Lahore College for Women University (LCWU), Lahore.

Twitter: @AttiyaMunawer