Knot art of Pakistani national flower displayed in Beijing


BEIJING, November 12  : Knot art of Pakistani national flower displayed at the ongoing China Knot Art Exhibition in Beijing, Gwadar Pro reported on Thursday.

At the exhibition, mainly knot arts of national flowers of BRI countries, weaved by Chinese traditional artists, are on display. Jasmine as Pakistani national flower is the main exhibit.

Knot art originated from 4,000 years ago and has shined in Chinese traditional culture. “Weaving Pakistani national flower with traditional Chinese handicraft is a union between the cultures of the two countries.

Our traditional craftsmen pay tribute to the friendship between Pakistan and China in the form of art,” said Zhang Lei, speaker of the exhibition organizer.

Yang Feixue, the Curator of Datong Costume Culture and History Museum, introduced jasmine means affablility and elegance, “weaving it with knot art also expresses our recognition of the characters of Pakistani people.”

“The birth of a knot art work needs to go through 28 complicated processes. It took craftsmen several months to weave the knot art work of jasmine.

This traditional handicraft is on the verge of extinction, thus we want to record the friendship between Pakistan and China with it,” Yang said.

She added, weaving and displaying the BRI national flower series aims to link Chinese traditional culture with world culture, let Chinese intangible cultural heritage go abroad, and express our best wishes to the harmonious development of all countries.