China’s Electric Enterprise reinforces Pakistan’s energy grid


BEIJING, November 1 (DNA): Recently, the design of Pakistan Binjiasheng Phase III project undertaken by Harbin Electric International (HEI) has entered the sprint stage, procurement has been basically completed, equipment delivery about to enter the peak period, and the on-site construction fully opened.

According to Gwadar Pro on Sunday, the project team is coordinating the design, production, manufacturing supervision, logistics, construction, commissioning and other participating parties to move forward in accordance with the plan.

When completed, the project will provide electricity security for Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city. This is the first F-class Single-Shaft Combined-Cycle Power Plant project of HEI, which fills up blank of Single-Shaft Combined Cycle project performance and plays an important role in developing joint cycle power station market of the company.

Binjiasheng is a typical brownfield project, which involves a large number of old plant interface and transformation work in addition to the new power plant.

HEI contacts other partners to participate in the construction, not only integrates large Chinese SOEs and private enterprises, but also cooperates with foreign companies such as Siemens of Germany and ABB of Switzerland. The temporary transfer of the project is expected to be completed on December 26, 2021.

Following the Binjiasheng Phase II 560MW Combined-Cycle Power Plant project, HEI and KE once again cooperated with Binjiasheng Phase III, which fully reflects the trust and recognition of the owners in the strength of HEI and is a good testimony of the friendship between China and Pakistan.

Jamshoro Project and Binjiasheng Phase III Project are currently two key construction projects of HEI in Pakistan, which are of great significance in alleviating the shortage of power supply in Pakistan.

The Jamshoro project is the latest clean coal-fired project undertaken by Siemens and HEI in Pakistan for the first time under the name of consortium.

At present, the project is making stable progress. The main equipment, such as boilers and steam turbines, has arrived at the site. It is expected to be completed in May 2022.

In 1983, HEI selected Pakistan as its first destination to expand the international market by undertaking the construction of the Pakistan’s Guddu Combined-Cycle Power Plant, which was hailed as the pioneering work of its “going out”.

The 1,180 MW Bhikki Combined-Cycle Power Plant is China’s first H-class Combined-Cycle project with the largest overseas installed capacity, and is the first batch of power plants to adopt this model worldwide.

Similar to this achievement in Pakistan’s heavy gas turbine construction history also includes 1,223 MW Balloki Combined-Cycle Power Plant project.

Relevant personnel of HEI told Gwadar Pro that the Pakistani government always attaches great importance to and supports its epidemic prevention.

A joint prevention mechanism with HEI at the beginning of the outbreak of Covid-19 was established as on-site epidemic prevention facilities, improve personnel awareness and reserve protective materials which have made great contributions to keeping the corona virus out of the project gate.

During the epidemic, project department of HEI donated a total of 2,000 N95 masks, 2,000 pairs of protective gloves, 1,000 protective masks, and 600 protective clothing.