Paksitan has a lot of potential in the LED screen industry: Jiang Yi



BEIJING, Oct. 27  – Pakistan has a lot of potential in the LED screen industry, that could be developed with use of new technologies.

This was stated by Jiang Yi, senior Vice President of Leyard Group, which is the world-leading company in terms of market share for LED screens, Gwadar Pro reported on Tuesday.

“In 1998, our company was the first Chinese company to produce colorful LED screens , while the image was still very grainy. Therefore, it is only used outdoors where people watch from far away. ” Jiang Yi said. After that, the LED manufacturing technology in China still trailed other developed countries.

Things started to change when they began to develop the HD LED screen in 2010. In two years, the HD LED screen started to enter the market on a large scale.

The application scenarios of LED screens moved from outdoor to indoor, including big conference rooms, auditoriums, etc. “Now our resolution is getting higher and higher.

We have recently developed a new product called Micro LED, whose pixel size has been reduced to 0.1 mm. ” Jiang Yi believed that with further technological improvement in the future, the LED screen can also be used in small conference rooms and home cinemas.

“One stereotype of Chinese products is that they are cheap, while now, within the LED screen industry, we are in the lead,” said Jiang Yi. “When Japan and South Korean companies focused on the LCD screen, the LED market opened its door. ”

At that time, most people were not optimistic about the market for the HD LED, the cost of it was too high and the demand was too limited. “But our Leyard Group CEO Li Jun believed that the cost of all electronic products conforms to Moore’s Law, and the cost will decrease exponentially every year. ”

“Therefore, in the case where our technology and capital investments are not superior, this is a way for small and medium-sized enterprises to go: focus on more about market judgment and a prediction of market demand, and then promote technological reform accordingly.” Jiang Yi suggested to SMEs both in China and Pakistan.

“Through the joint efforts of our company and industry peers in China, we have achieved technological leadership in the field of HD LED screens. With great advantages in cost and efficiency, it is almost impossible for foreign countries to imitate or surpass us.”

With the continuing enrichment in the variety of products and the reduction of costs, Leyard began to open up markets in developing countries.

“Recently, we have set up a team focusing on the markets of India, Pakistan and the Middle East, which are new markets we have been developing in the past two years. They have great potential,” said Jiang Yi.

“As far as Pakistan’s market is concerned, their demand is still for the middle and low-end LED products, which is fitting for a new industry to start from, slowly upgrading to higher-end products,” said Wang Jie, CEO of Leyard India, Pakistan and the Middle East.

Taking Czech as an example, Wang Jie provided a good example of international cooperation that Leyard has. “Leyard has a factory in the Czech Republic, which has about 100 workers, and almost all of our sales in Europe are exported from Czech. The technology training and production line are all transplanted from China. ”

“Both Czech and Pakistan have lower labor costs, which is a great advantage, and we are willing to share our management experience, technical expertise, and talent training with Pakistan. ”

According to Wang Jie, the market of Pakistan’s neighboring countries, including India and Iran, is very large. Later, it can evolve into a product export trade. “We currently have no factories in the Middle East, but with further development, Paksitan has a lot of potential in the LED screen industry.”