Azerbaijan will never fall prey to Armenian provocation, says Ambassador Alizade


Special corner highlighting Armenian aggression set up in front of the Azerbaijan embassy; heads of missions; members of civil society visit venue to pay tributes to martyrs


ISLAMABAD: Ambassador of Azerbaijan Ali Alizade has said by attacking civilian population Armenia wants to provocate Azerbaijan also to attack Armenia in return, which Azerbaijan will never do. The ambassador said we are fighting only in the conflict zone. Our forces make sure that no innocent people are affected.

The Azerbaijan ambassador made these remarks while talking to Daily Islamabad POST, CENTRELINE magazine and DNA News Agency.

The ambassador further said Armenia wants us to attack Armenian territory so that it could then drag Russia and others into the fray. That is why Armenia continues to attack civilian population of Azerbaijan. Attack on Ganga city is one such example.  He said Russia can only help Armenia, by virtue of agreement it has with Armenia, only if Armenian territory is attacked.

DNA 27-2

It may be mentioned here that a special corner reflecting the consequences of the Armenian terror was set up in the diplomatic enclave under the aegis of the Azerbaijan embassy in Islamabad.

The corner was established to inform the world community about the terrorism committed by Armenia against the Azerbaijani civilian population and to commemorate our compatriots killed in Ganja, Mingachevir and other settlements. A number of Pakistani officials, heads of diplomatic missions and international organizations in the country, diplomats, representatives of the Pakistani public and media, as well as Azerbaijanis living in the city visited the corner and laid flowers to commemorate sacrifices of those who lost their lives as a result of Armenian aggression.

Visitors got acquainted with the corner with posters, pictures and slogans depicting the Armenian terror, lit candles in front of it, as well as laid flowers and toys and paid tribute to the memory of those killed.

A large monitor was installed on the side of the road where the embassy building is located showing documentaries and information on the results and consequences of numerous missiles attacks on the civilian population of Ganja and other cities.

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Visitors to the corner condemned Armenia’s atrocities against civilians in gross violation of the norms and principles of international law, including international humanitarian law, the obligations of the Geneva Conventions, as well as the declared humanitarian ceasefire, and expressed solidarity with Azerbaijan and support for our country’s right to self-defense.