States can’t be run as war franchises, says Mohsin Dawar


Mohsin Dawar urges truth commissions

MNA Mohsin Dawar spoke about the need for truth commissions to investigate cases stretching back in history, what had happened in Fata, and the deaths of several people such as Naqeeb Mehsud and Arman Loni.

“Target killings in North Waziristan raises a big question mark on the performance of the country’s security apparatus,” he said. He asked for Prime Minister Imran Khan to make a truth commission to investigate the allegations leveled by Khan in the past and by Nawaz Sharif at Gujranwala jalsa a day earlier.

The truth commission should investigate all the martial laws in the country and the ‘dollar war” imposed on Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The states can’t be run as “war fanchises”. The states are run by giving people rights, he added.