People of Pakistan remained most neglected party in past 73 years: Sirajul Haq


LAHORE, Oct 17 (DNA): People of Pakistan remained the most neglected
party in past 73 years under so-called democratic set-up and military
dictatorships, says the Jamaat-e-Islami Emir Senator Sirajul Haq.

Addressing the JI workers at Mansoora on Saturday, he said masses were
no more ready to bear the corrupt elites who did nothing for the public
welfare but looted the country’s resources during their turns in power.
“Change of faces is no more solution to the problems of Pakistan. There
is need to introduce structural reforms and change of entire system.”

To achieve the purpose, he said, the people should take stand for their
rights and vote for the honest and dedicated leadership to power.

The Senator said that PTI made tall claims to change the destiny of the
people, bring back looted money from abroad, end poverty and build the

Yet, he added, the present regime failed to take a single step in past
two years in right direction, leaving the masses in a desperate
situation. Thousands became jobless and princes of the basic commodities
touched the skies due to bad economic policies of the government, he
said, adding a tinted and political motivated accountability drive
further destroyed the rulers’ image in the eyes of the public and even
the PTI’s own supporters. The economy was in control of the IMF and
World Bank, foreign policy was stagnant and Islamabad failed to fight
for the Kashmir cause, he said.

It had been proved, he said, that the present government was incapable
and lacked capacity to put the country on right track. People, he said,
had already tested the other parties and reached to the conclusion that
the ruling elite were not interested in public welfare. In the overall
situation, he said, the JI was the only option left with the people. He
vowed that the JI would transform the country into real Islamic welfare
state if voted to power. DNA