Chairperson HAP says Pakistani craftsmen and artisans have high potential



ISLAMABAD, OCT 2 – Newly elected chairperson of Handicraft Association of Pakistan Halima Usman has said that full participation of women in the association will be ensured and handicraft fits in different parts of Pakistan will be ensured.

Every possible encouragement will be given to the industrialists and artisans by promoting it in the country and abroad.

she was speaking on the occasion of her visit to Islamabad at a lunch hosted by former chairman Handicraft Association of Pakistan Fahad Barlas.

Vice Chairman HAP Amin ur Rehman , Ex Chairman HAP Khurshid Barlas & Mohsin Khalid were present. Halima Usman said that Fahad Barlas and his team rendered excellent services and the newly elected officials would continue the activities of the association effectively so that the objectives of the establishment of Handicraft Association of Pakistan could be achieved.

Expressing her views on the occasion, she said that Pakistan’s craftsmen and artisans have high potential And their products are popular in Pakistan and abroad. He assured the new HAP team of her full support.