PM Imran Khan visits Satellite Ground Station, SUPARCO Islamabad



ISLAMABAD, SEPT 30 – Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan visited Satellite Ground Station, SUPARCO Islamabad on Wednesday. He was briefed about SUPARCO’s achievements in developing indigenous capabilities in space, science and technology and its contributions towards strengthening national security as well as socio-economic development of the country.

During visit of various technical facilities and interaction with SUPARCO’s engineers and scientists, Prime Minister reiterated that all available resources will be utilized in further strengthening strategic capabilities to preserve sovereignty of the country.

Prime Minster emphasized that Pakistan’s nuclear and strategic capability is safe and secure under robust command and control system.

We shall continue to strengthen our strategic capability to safeguard our vital national interests.While recognizing the significant role of space technology, he assured requisite support for expansion of space based services and infrastructure to give impetus to National Space Programme-2047 for socio-economic development.