We will Run a full-fledged campaign against expensive counterfeit drugs: Hafiz Amjad




FAISALABAD, SEPT 26 – Hafiz Muhammad Amjad, president of Anjuman-e-Tajiran Aman Committee expressed deep concern over increase in price by the federal cabinet, said that instead of cracking down on companies selling expensive drugs the federal cabinet gave approval of 94% increase in prices of emergency life-saving drugs, The government has not thought about how the poor people will get treatment for their disease.

We demand the government to reduce the prices of medicines. Every year, billions of rupees are received from counterfeit drugs in Pakistan, but this criminality often results in the loss of thousands of human lives at the same time.. According to the WHO, global trade in counterfeit and sub – standard drugs is up to $ 200 billion worldwide.

Experts predict counterfeit drugs are the most profitable industry globally, making illicit and poor – quality copies of legal and popular products. However, at the international level, this greed for illicit gain often triggers the deaths of millions of civilians, and such deaths are more common in Pakistan. Govt. has to make sure that effective medicines are available in Pakistan. But there are still so many unfortunate deaths in Pakistan caused by illegal pharmacists and drug dealers who play with the lives of patients for excessive income.

This statistic is not in the tens or hundreds, but every year in the thousands. Many senior Pakistani drug enforcement officials still insist that the illicit drug industry is not widespread in Pakistan, murdering patients or there are any illegal factories. A few days earlier in Faisalabad, the Quality Control Board decided to send the cases of 10 medical stores engaged in the sale of sub-standard and counterfeit products to the drug courts.

On the drug control situation, Khawaja Razzaq Sikka, city president of Anjuman-e-Tajiran, said that the rise in drug prices is direct evidence of the government’s failure and that many poor people will die due to the inability to purchase expensive drugs from the market.

Due to a scarcity of labs, effective detection of counterfeit drugs is also unavailable. Many people who make such drugs are making millions with doctors. ۔ Doctors who do this or prescribe only medicines manufactured by a particular company for their patients receive valuable gifts or foreign trips. As far as the condition of drug control in Pakistan is concerned, it can be seen that many individuals, public and private institutions are fulfilling their duties and professional responsibilities, but Awa’s voice has deteriorated as a whole.

There are several counterfeit medications that prolong patients’ suffering and even cause their deaths. , Pharmacists, doctors, drug distributors, drug dealers and people in all walks of life, are involved in this illicit business. Counterfeit drugs also make them sicker rather than healthier. Patients may die instead of being healthy from the use of bogus drugs. Substandard drugs can be fatal to both mother and infant in gynecology alone. It is critical that the selling of illegal or non-standard medicines is strictly prosecuted so that this harmful activity can be eradicated.