Thar integrated coal mine-power project completed


The landmark building of Thar integrated coal-mine power project has been completed


ISLAMABAD, Sept. 21 – The landmark building of Thar integrated coal-mine power project has been completed , says a report published by Gwadar Pro on Monday.

According to the report, the concrete casting of the chimney (170 meters in height) of the 2×660MW Thar Block-1 Coal Project is now finished.This laid down the foundation for the subsequent construction of desulfurization area of the power station.

Tang Jiayu, the project manager of Shanghai Electric’s Thar Coal Project stated that, the chimney is the highest structure of the project.

The construction of the chimney has lasted more than 10 months, using 1,200 tons of steel reinforcement and 7,452 cubic meters of concrete.

Since the spread of the COVID-19, the construction progress of the project has been interrupted by the pandemic-induced travel restrictions which have made it difficult for the workers and equipment to enter the country, causing a substantial shortage of the on-site workforce and logistics delay, slowing down the overall progress.

Shanghai Electric coordinated with other participating units in advancing resumption of work and production on the premise of effective epidemic containment. The company has arranged multiple charter planes for 465 technical and managerial staff back toPakistanas part of the support to speed up the progress of the project.

As a major energy project of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), Thar Block-1 Integrated Coal Mine-Power project is of great significance for comprehensively promoting the construction of the CPEC and forging a closer China-Pakistan community with a shared future.

Since the start of the project, thousands of jobs have been provided to local people, which has greatly promoted the local social and economic development and improved people’s living standards.

Shanghai Electric will continue to work hard to ensure the smooth construction and operation of this project, promote the construction of Pakistan’s energy projects, and benefit the Pakistani people as soon as possible.