A hybrid model of education


By Muhammad Omar Iftikhar

 The reopening of educational institutions across Sindh has been seen as an event that could have been postponed. The reopening could be delayed as the fear of Covid-19 spreading in its second phase seems to be inevitable. The virus was real and it affected people in Pakistan. While the scare of this virus is still here, children need to be protected. In this regard, children need to wear masks at all times when at school. However, children may get frustrated because the mask can cause some level of suffocation. Moreover, children from the primary classes may not keep the mask on their face for long. They are innocent beings and may take the mask off when talking to classmates or when playing. The objective of the educational institutes across Pakistan must follow the hybrid educational method. Under this system, the classes are held online and on campus. Where half or a predetermined strength of the class can stay at home and take classes online, the rest willing to come to campus can take physical classes. However, in this regard, the management and staff of educational institutes must be on the same page with the parents and their students. A hybrid method will facilitate the management and faculty members. Where the faculty will conduct classes from home, students will take such classes from the safety of their homes. However, the concerned authority can also permit colleges and universities to continue teaching from home. Students who need to perform practical can be asked to visit their campus at predetermined hours while following SOPs. The main objective is to keep the students safe. This can only happen when educational institutions are working on the same page. Online education was successful when the country was under lockdown. The same strategy can be continued until the fear of Covid-19 looms over us.