National development impossible sans cheap electricity: FPCCI



KARACHI, SEPT 13 – The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) on Sunday said affordable and continued supply of electricity has become a dream for masses and the business community.

Costly electricity is not only hurting masses but also adding to the cost of doing business as well as cost of production and exports, it said.

Coronavirus and recent rains have played havoc with economy and masses, therefore, the policy of continued hike in power the tariff should be abandoned to provide some relief to masses, said Vice President FPCCI Qaisar Khan Daudzai.

Talking to a group of businessmen, he said that costly electricity is not only keeping country underdeveloped but also stoking poverty, he added.

In Pakistan, the vulnerability was significantly acute before the current crisis which has now made life further difficult for the people which must be noticed, he demanded.

Commenting on the power subsidy, Qaisar Khan Daudzai said that different government have provided subsidy worth billions of dollars but it could not provide relief due to errors in the subsidy regime.

He said that the government should divert focus on making electricity from imported fuel and start generating renewable energy to keep the environment clean and save a substantial amount of foreign exchange.

Cheap electricity production will reduce poverty and help Pakistan compete with rival nations in the international market, said Dawoodzai.

He noted that despite tall claims and a lot of efforts, the bleeding state-run companies could not be made profitable and the country spends trillions to keep them alive artificially, therefore, all such units should be sold without delay.