Afghans rule out foreign assistance


Afghan, Taliban delegation form joint committee to facilitate Intra-Afghan talks


DOHA:  The Afghan representatives and the Taliban delegation – who launched the intra-Afghan talks in Qatari capital Doha on Saturday – formed a joint committee of 10 members to facilitate the negotiations.

The Chief Executive of Afghanistan who is heading the Afghan side said that there is no need to involve foreign powers as Afghan would themselves sort out this issue.

He said at this point there was no need to ask foreign stakeholders to help us.

In this committee, there are five members from each parties to represent their group accordingly – the Afghan negotiation team and the Taliban delegation.

Enayatullah Baligh, Zarar Ahmad Moqabel, Massom Stanikzai, Fowzia Kofi and Nader Nadiri are introduced by the Afghan government to the committee, according to sources.

While Taliban introduced Shekh Abdul Kabir, Abbas Stanikzai, Shekh Delawar, Shekh Qasem and Noorullah Noori to represent its delegation
within the committee.

This came after the initial meeting on Intra-Afghan talks was held Saturday in Doha, Qatar, as Afghan and Taliban delegation, including international allies from Asian, Europe, United Nation and NATO
representatives, came together in a bid to determine a political
settlement to Afghanistan.

The first round of Intra-Afghan talks is due on Monday, September 14, between the Afghan and Taliban delegation in Doha.

Sayed Saddat Mansoor Nadiri, State Minister for Peace Affairs, said the primary demand by the Afghan government is a comprehensive ceasefire during the intra-Afghan talks held in Qatari
capital Doha.

Nadiri said the first and primary demand by Afghan negotiation team is a
comprehensive ceasefire in Afghanistan. “Peace is a wish for all Afghan
people,” he added.

“Today is (a representation of) a positive pace for the Afghan nation towards achieving peace,” Nadiri exclaimed. “Really, it is a wish for all Afghans to obtain peace with dignity and permanent.”