China rejects German’s newspaper against Xinjiang



ISLAMABAD, SEPT 12 – The recently published news item titled “Xinjiang has become a ‘digital police state’ in the name of lockdown” by German state media outlet Deutsche Welle was another lie and conspiracy against China.

According to China Economic Net (CEN), the news alleged that “Xinjiang’s lockdown is being monitored under extensive surveillance, which has made the Xinjiang autonomous region a ‘digital police state’.”

A CEN’s report says, as a matter of fact, many developed countries around the world are currently copying China’s digital monitoring system against the coronavirus.

Everywhere from South Korea to Saudi Arabia, suspected corona patients are being monitored through mobile apps and the sole purpose is to prevent the spread of corona by the carelessness of a single patient.

Therefore, distorting normal prevention and control measures to “digital police” is nothing more than double standard, a trick frequently employed by western media.

Being the first country in the world to have regular cases of coronavirus, the Chinese government has overcome them with tough but effective measures to lock down cities, which helped control the spread of coronavirus in a short time and consequently attained the economic recovery.

Countries that have not considered lockdowns, like the United States, do not need much research to determine how bad the coronavirus situation is.

The news accused China of violating medical ethics and based this accusation on the statements of three people, who allegedly posted on social media that they were given Chinese traditional medicine.

The newspaper did not disclose its source, which contradicts the basic norms of news to be authentic and can stand verification.

Therefore, the one-sided reporting of a German newspaper hostile to China, ignoring journalistic principles and standards, is reprehensible.

It’s foreseeable that lies about China will continue unabated and widespread, with American support and patronage, the report added.