Karot Hydropower Project marks another milestone



ISLAMABAD, Sep. 11 – Another milestone in the waterway system of Karot Hydropower Station was accomplished on schedule as the concrete lining of the headrace tunnel was successfully completed, Gwadar Pro reported.

During the construction process all parties strictly controlled quality and safety. A hard working team, 28,586 cu. m. of concrete and 2,334 tons of steel reinforcement made this remarkable landmark happen.

A total of four headrace tunnels are arranged in the Karot Hydro Power Station. A single headrace tunnel consists of an upwardly inclined section, an upwardly curved section, an obliquely straight section, a downwardly curved section than the lower flat section.

The upward slope section is lined with reinforced concrete and the other sections are lined with steel cans.

The lining thickness of the upward slope section is 80 centimeters and the diameter after lining is 9.6 meters.

The lengths of the four headrace tunnels are 875 meters and the longitudinal slope is 14 %. Since the beginning of first concrete segment of headrace tunnels, about 28,586 cu. m. of concrete and 2334 tons of steel reinforcement has been used.

The lining of the headrace tunnel was divided into two segments. The invert concrete was poured with integral formwork and the side top arch is poured with steel mold trolley. The side arch reinforcement is installed with a self-made steel trolley.