PM Imran Khan urges consensus on gas issue, warns of major crisis this winter


ISLAMABAD : Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Wednesday that the country is forced to import costly LPG due to fast depleting natural gas reserves, pushing the circular debt of the gas sector up.

Addressing a seminar titled Sustainability, Security and Affordability of Natural Gas Supply in Pakistan in the capital, he said the country cannot afford imported gas which costs far more than natural gas.

Prime Minister Imran Khan regretted that just 27 per cent of the country’s households have access to piped gas while the rest of the population banks on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders, the cost of which is four per cent higher than that of natural gas.

There is a huge difference between prices of imported and domestic gas, he pointed out. He maintained that past governments didn’t undertake long term planning to tackle the energy crisis. The country would not have to face such crises if the right decisions were made 40 years back, he added.

The prime minister Imran Khan said the government is grateful to Independent Power Producers (IPPs) for renegotiating the terms of their contracts with the government, vowing to apprise the nation on how much money the government saved as a result of the renewal of the contracts.

He stressed the need for consensus among provinces and the federal government on the issue of gas to steer the country out of energy crisis. He also warned that the country will face a major gas crisis this year.